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Fixably is an integrated software solution that helps our clients manage their operations more efficiently by making sure the data is accessible to all relevant parties. Our software helps businesses optimize the time spent per repair. Fixably enables you to handle your paperwork, assign internal resources, record monetary transactions, manage your logistics, meet Apple requirements and keep customers updated on every stage of the repair within one single platform.

Fixably is designed by technicians for technicians. We also have experience in building and growing an AASP repair shop business from scratch as a business owner, service manager, repair technician and business administrator. This means we are putting a lot of thought into every aspect of Fixably.

We’re 100% focused on developing Fixably and providing the best platform for your techs, admins, service agents, and customers.

Getting onboard

Fixably is intuitive by nature. It’s easy for beginners to follow guided workflows, but also for veterans to skip unnecessary steps. As an admin, you are in control of all workflows and can tune them to better serve your unique business needs.

Any device with a modern web browser is all you need. It’s that simple!

You don’t need to. It is enterprise-grade software as a service. Just log in, and you’re up and running.

We take care of that too. We’re always looking for new ways to enhance our service, for you. No extra fees for this.

Sure! You can use the simple built-in import tool – It’s seamless, but you can also ask us to help.

Your customers expect the local language. You can decide the language of customer documentation and even set a default language customer by customer.
We have integrations for many different modern applications. Depending on your subscription level, we also provide restful API access, which gives you versatile options to customize and integrate Fixably with your existing system.

Using Fixably

There’s no limits on the business size that can benefit from Fixably.
Fixably is very robust and built for enterprise-scale volumes. The volumes of our customers range from a few daily repairs up to 1000+ repairs completed per day.
Fixably is designed to be a service management platform first, but also to run as a standalone product for the whole business operation. We’re not your typical full-featured POS system, but we might fill most of your needs there. You can always select your favorite POS and bind it with Fixably, as some of our customers have already done.
Our import tool allows you to import new products at any time. You can also create them one by one within Fixably as needed.

GSX integration

No, you need your own credentials from Apple to use the Apple GSX integration. If you are interested in opting into one of Apple’s service programs, check the link below and you should talk to your local Apple representative. Let us know your plans, maybe we can help you!

For more information visit

Just tell Fixably how to calculate your margins, and that’s it. The GSX integration handles the rest in real-time to ensure you have the most up to date price. Naturally, you can lock pricing and offer fixed prices. You can even configure customer-specific margins if you want.
New Apple parts are automatically available as soon as they are available to order in GSX.
Yes! All plans at the Performance tier or higher include a stock module that allows you to create a separate stock for your Apple consignment stock.

Getting started

Click “Get started” on the plan you want on the pricing page. You can of course always contact us with your questions, and we’ll help you to get what you need.

We offer different solutions for every size of repair business. You can check out our plans in pricing
Our sales team will help you work out the details! You can contact them at

You can inquire about free trial by contacting our sales team. Simply click here and fill the form or send your inquiry to and you will contacted shortly.

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