Software to fix hardware

Fixably is an integrated software solution that allows repair technicians to manage repairs more efficiently so they can spend more time fixing their customers’ problems.

Fixably is Trusted by Apple Technicians Around the World

A platform is truly digital only when anyone anywhere can benefit from it. We’re technicians and Fixably was first built to make our repair business more efficient through data. Developed in Finland, our goal now is to transform the after-sales business worldwide. We have a growing international customer base who benefit from the features and integrations we offer to meet their needs.

Give your business complete performance and financial control


Automate 80% of process work, so you can focus on the fix

Data management

Every technician works with the knowledge of 1,000,000+ repairs 

Customer experience

Smooth end to end experience with integrated customer communication.

Key features

GSX Integration

Fixably integrates directly toward Apple's own GSX, thus removing the need to access GSX continuously and swap between several programs. Create repairs, order parts, find and read articles, get clear instructions for compTIA's, for instance, assistance in knowing if diagnostics need to be run or not. All this, straight from the Fixably interface.

Service Point Of Sale

Your customers come first, which is why solutions that ease customer contact, especially over the counter, are crucial to all of us. Non-technicians will have a very simple step-by-step process to follow when receiving units at a location. Less human errors and happier customers.

Customer and User Management

Manage all internal and external users, set rights and optional pricing, hierarchies, relationship to corporate accounts and much more. Communicate directly with your customers through the e-mail messaging module, and an optional SMS messaging engine. Enable automated messages through both channels whenever an order is ready, or it's status changes.

Stock and Inventory

The stock and inventory module provides full control and a great overview of your inventory. You can now automate processes in order to make sure all inventory is accounted for, and to keep in-house stocks at the correct level. This will provide a clear picture of funds tied to inventory.

Reporting and Statistics

Reports ranging from device types, repair volumes, employee efficiency and workload comparisons all assist in managing workflows and allowing you quickly identify the bottlenecks in your service processes. Financial reporting is comprehensive, providing a clear and true view of the business performance of your service operations. Our advanced reporting tool enables custom reporting at an incredibly granular level.

White Label Customer Portal

Our optional external customer portal, can be fully company branded and seamlessly connects to Fixably. Allow any or all of your customers to place service orders directly online and choose different delivery options.


Scout IT

SCOUT IT is a Florida-based repair shop, Managed Service Provider (MSP), and Apple consultant. SCOUT IT is best known for providing IT and repair services to businesses, schools, non-profits and other organizations.


As a small business, I think the issue we run into these days is that there are too many products, there’s too much software out there, that you have to switch between.” 

Alexander Tylke

System Engineer and Service Manager at Scout IT

Software to fix hardware

Fixably is a system that talks to everyone from the end customer, throughout your business and with Apple GSX, so we keep your repairs flowing smoothly.

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