Software to fix hardware

Fixably is an integrated software solution that allows repair technicians to manage repairs more efficiently so they can spend more time fixing their customers problems.

Give your business complete performance and financial control

  • Automation

    Automate 80% of process work, so you can focus on the fix

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  • Data management

    Every technician works with the knowledge of 1,000,000+ repairs

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  • Customer experience

    Smooth end to end experience with integrated customer communication.

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Seamless integrated solution

Fixably is a system that talks to everyone from the end customer, throughout your business and with Apple GSX, so we keep your repairs flowing smoothly.

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There’s a Fixably solution for you

Key benefits

Customer communication
Keep them updated at all stages via email or text
Customizable workflows
Full control of your service flows so you never miss an update
Global solution
Compatible with Apple everywhere, but localized for different markets as required
Unified User Experience
Everything is connected through one easy to use platform

Customer testimonials

Learn about the many ways our customers use Fixably to streamline their service business.


“My experience with Fixably has been nothing short of tremendous. The amount of time we have saved compared to our previous software to generate repairs and running them through GSX has been literally cut in half or more. The interface is easy to use, customize and operate. The flexibility of the product additions, repair creations and customer data capture is streamlined for optimal efficiency.”

Phil Fonzen
Premiere Tech Shop


“Infografikk has started to use Fixably since we needed a professional service platform for Apple-repairs. Fixably also has a user-friendly web-portal for our customers so they can create service orders and keep track of the service-process along the way, something that is very important for us. In addition to how the system supports our business, we think the Fixably staff are very helpful when we need support and assistance along the way. Recommended!”

Christian Anderson


“Fixably was like a breath of fresh air after using a functional but archaic repair management system for years. It has made a significant difference for our technicians, customers and our business. Our customers can follow their repair online and gain meaningful insight. This increases customer satisfaction and lowers our communication costs. The integration with Apple’s GSX cuts admin time so that our technicians can focus on what’s important.”

Sven Busselot
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